Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morden Civic Forum

I have just got back from tonights meeting. Several residents accompanied by children were able to take part in the discussion about consultation over Morden Park. The council have just appointed a company called Dialogue to conduct a proper consultation exercise. You can see a picture of Max and Kirsten above.

I think we need to give Max and Kirsten as much help as possible. We need to encourage as many sections of the community as possible to share their views of what they would like to see in Morden Park.

I really think we should welcome this as an opportunity to kick out the ludicrous Goals scheme and to begin proper discussions about what we do want. The consulatation covers the whole of the park including the leisure centre. It does not cover the registry office or the college.

We may not all agree on what we want the park used for but the big breakthrough is that we have established that the public do not want this land to be leased by a profit making organisation that will take the park out of free public use.

As soon as I have details I will post them here.